We carry out strategic human rights litigation.

CEHRI is a non-profit organisation building on three thematic pillars:

First, we combat severe human right violations. This is a broad topic and ranges from furthering the development of international criminal law to systematic abuses carried out by state agencies.

Second, we carry out anti-poverty litigation. Our primary goals are to show that poverty is linked to human rights violations on an individual and structural level and to ensure that its causes and effects become better anchored in the human rights lexicon.

Third, we deal with environmental human rights. We promote initiatives such as the Oslo Principles on Global Climate Change Obligations and work to solve issues such as abusive corporate practices with an adverse impact on our environment and lives.

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17 December 2023 : CEHRI calls upon Austria to reconsider its stance towards Israel-Hamas armed conflict
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14 April 2023 : Trial of Austrian agents for harboring alleged Syrian war criminals to shed light on victims’ suffering
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24 February 2023 : Aggression against Ukraine – one year after the full-scale invasion
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