Severe and systematic human rights abuses are committed all to often and result in not only single incidents of abuse and disregard for human dignity, but typically generate a multitude of victims and will have a wider impact on the groups of people or societies affected. We are committed to ensuring these wrongs are recognized as a wrong in the first place, and bringing these violations to justice.

Frequently, this is a challenging task due to an often continuing nature of the conflicts, recent trauma experienced by victims, and innumerable vulnerabilities. A interdisciplinary team like ours can help appreciate the various aspects of the issues thus fight injustices more efficiently and with – hopefully – a lesser degree of re-traumatisation.


Current initiatives

Accountability for grave human rights violations committed in Syria 

The abhorrent human rights situation and violence that we continue to witness in Syria has earned the Syrian War against its citizens the title of the deadliest conflict of the early 21st century.

Throughout its course, a myriad of gross violations of human rights have been committed and continue to be committed on a daily basis. International criminal courts offer little possibilities to go against these violations and it is thus the responsibility of European and other International Agencies to act based on the principle of universal jurisdiction.

CEHRI seeks to contribute to access to justice for survivors of grave human rights violations, like systematic torture, and through its activities supports the fight against impunity by representing survivors of human rights violations in Syria since 2017.

In its fight against impunity, CEHRI cooperates with the European Center of Constitutional Rights and the Open Society Justice Initiative.

Read our FACT SHEET for more information on this initiative.